Information on Application


1.每間中學須推薦四名中四學生組成隊伍,並經由學校遞交網上申請表。每間學校只可提交一份申請表。而每名獲推薦的學員必須各自填寫網上申請表格內的個人學員資料部分及上傳監護人同意書。相關資訊請參閱以下網址 https://www.police.gov.hk/ppp_tc/04_crime_matters/drug/lion.html。如有查詢, 請電郵至ip-sip-int-1e-nb@police.gov.hk ,與毒品調查科情報組1E聯絡。

Each secondary school shall nominate four Form Four students to form a team and submit an online application on behalf of the nominated applicants.  Each secondary school can only submit one application. All nominated applicants are required to fill in the Information of Individual Applicant section and upload the Guardian's Consent Form. Please refer to the link below for further details: https://www.police.gov.hk/ppp_tc/04_crime_matters/drug/lion.html. For any enquiries, please contact Intelligence Division 1E of the Narcotics Bureau at ip-sip-int-1e-nb@police.gov.hk.


2. 遞交申請表格時,請上傳相關文件之副本:

Please upload a copy of the following documents:

i.    各獲推薦學員的香港身份證

      Nominated Applicant’s HKID Card  

ii.   各獲推薦學員的港澳居民來往內地通行證

      Nominated Applicant’s Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macau Residents

iii.  各獲推薦學員最近兩年的成績表

      Last two years school reports of nominated applicants

iv.  各獲推薦學員的其他附加資料(如證書、獎狀或推薦信等,尺寸不超出A4)

      Nominated Applicant's other relevant documents (certificates, awards or reference letters not bigger than A4 size)

v.   學校確認書

      Confirmation Form (Secondary School)

vi.  各獲推薦學員的監護人同意書

      Nominated Applicant's Guardian's Consent Form (Secondary Student)


3. 整個申請中所提供的個人資料屬自願性質。倘若申請人不提供足夠資料,警務處可能無法處理有關申請。

The provision of the personal data requested in the application is voluntary.  If an applicant fails to provide all information as requested, the Hong Kong Police Force may not be able to process the application.


4.  合資格者將獲邀參與面試,時間及地點將另行通知。視乎實際情況,面試或會改以視像形式進行。

Only short-listed applicants will be invited for an interview.  Interview may be conducted virtually depending on the prevailing situation.


5. 所收集的個人資料,祇供禁毒領袖學院之用。如要求查閱或改正個人資料,請向毒品調查科情報組總督察1提出。

The collected personal data is solely used for activities of Leadership Institute on Narcotics. Should you wish to access to your personal data, you may approach Chief Inspector (Intelligence Division (1)) of Narcotics Bureau.